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When Urwerk originally designed the Urwerk UR-1001 Zeit Device they likely never imagined this type of wearing scenario. In fact, the Urwerk UR-1001 has a folding foot on the back design to help the pocket watch sit on a table in an upright position facing its owner when they want to use it like a desk clock. With the "foot" unfolded, some additional complications are displayed, in addition to a cool "rear view" of the satellite indicator system that displays the time.

If you are used to previous T-Touch watches you'll be at home with the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar. You'll only notice the much faster moving hands and improved speed of the movement overall - which is highly appreciated. Given the upcoming era of the smartwatch, I have high hopes that in the next ten years or so, that core T-Touch platform will evolve into whatever Tissot decides is its eventual role in the smartwatch world. The T-Touch platform is just too cool to not involve itself in the future of tech wearables.

If you try to measure the “point” of the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon in, say, relation to a dive-style tool watch, it is like trying to compare a sturdy log cabin with a grand villa on the ocean front. Yes, both are technically structures, and the first one might make a lot more sense, but the latter is about social positioning, and the ability to reward oneself. You see, no matter how rich you are, there are going to be things out there you need to save up for to afford.

While the lighter colored dial versions of the Cartier Tank MC such as the also steel ref. W5330003 has blue steels against a silvered face, this darker almost black-colored ref. W5330004 model has steel hands. While I like how the dial tone is a deeper color that matches the black alligator strap, I prefer the more traditional Cartier-style dials which tend to be lighter and more legible against the hands. All of the Cartier Tank MC watches have blue sapphire crystal cabochons in the crown.

Fundamentally, watches are logical machines. They seem to have a soul because of the love, care, and attention that goes into their creation, but they work because every component makes sense. Children are often able to see this clearer and more quickly than an adult because they are better able to concern themselves with the problem at hand, rather than involuntarily slotting said problem into the wider context of the world. For this reason (and really, because it sounds like a totally awesome day out for the whole family), the Vacheron Constantin Children's Workshop is one of the highlights of the horological calendar (if you either have kids, or reckon you can adequately disguise yourself as one).

Richard Mille designed the RM025 movement with a longer than 50 hour power reserve, but they don't recommend you wind for more than about 50 hours because you'll have too much torque coming from the movement. In terms of setting the time and winding the watch, that, of course, is all done from the crown. However, you never pull the crown out, but rather, press it in like a button. This acts to cycle through the crown's functions - which are visible on a "function selector" indicator that is also on the dial.

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Let's be honest for a second about the Calibre 780 movement in the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme Lab 2. While I haven't personally spent a long time living with it, it does represent the biggest double-edged sword of the watch. On the one hand it is beautiful, complicated, and laden with fantastic features. On the other hand, it took Jaeger-LeCoultre extra time to get the fancy chronograph system to work, and because it is so complicated, you more-or-less know that it is going to have mechanical issues and/or need service at regular intervals. It is sort of the Italian sports car owner's dilemma - "I know it is going to look and perform amazingly when it works, but when it breaks we, will be apart for a long time and our reunion will be expensive." I don't have any specific evidence to suggest that the Calibre 780 is a movement prone to repair, but rather, that almost all complicated movements of this nature with so many moving parts are fallible.

Before going into greater detail on this old-new material, let's see how the Rado Hyperchrome XXL Court collection performs on and off the court. Altogether there are three variations in this line of watches, representing the three surfaces on which tennis is primarily played: hard court is mimicked by a rather vibrant blue version, clay by a piece with orange indices and hands, and the one seen here opts for neon green, representing grass. Incidentally, this very green is exactly the color of a tennis ball – at least it always reminded me of that and not of the green of grass.

Last but not least, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual has 100 meters of water resistance, while the Rolex Submariner has been tested for up to 300 meters. However, if you want to consider going for the more rugged – and certainly more "famous" and recognized - look of the Rolex Submariner, you have to shell out ,800 extra to come up with the ,500 sticker price of the "No-Date Sub."

Citizen watches will follow-up the very impressive Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100 watch (hands-on review here) from 2014 with this 2015 Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F900 watch that adds additional functionality and only marginally increases the case thickness. Each of the initial Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F900 watches will further be part of a limited edition and even offer some case durability upgrades. If you liked the Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100 and wanted just a bit more to push you over the edge in making a purchase, the Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F900 might be the piece that makes you pull the trigger on this great-looking GPS watch.

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This goes along with what I have predicted are a series of "wow" moments that consumers will experience in various ways as they understand how a smartwatch can have a valued place in their already technologically crowded lives. The question MMT is trying to answer is how the traditional watch industry will react to timepieces no longer being about only tradition, luxury, and style, but also (once again), functionality.

Nick, Giles, and the team at Bremont have decided not to dwell on this recent kerfuffle either. As Nick said to me in a recent interview, “We make mistakes every day, and we learn from them.” To anyone who has met with them on this issue, it is beyond clear that they have taken their lumps, made their apologies, learned from the situation, and moved on toward their end goal.

This watch represents a classic case of two great stories colliding. Not only does the watch tell a cool story – but its was originally meant to be used in the outdoors – specifically to measure the tides of the ocean. I love the outdoors, especially the ocean – so I find this watch to be really interesting.

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When going for weird, why hold back? Why not go with the Time Warp Creations Zymosis Lockdown in purple and green - which I just realized, in addition to matching the Batman villain the Joker, is the exact hue of some of those anti-aesthetic San Franciscan homes I was previously referring to. The intense level of detailing on these watches is perhaps what is so impressive, as Time Warp Creations blends the look of science fiction medical equipment with the heads of zombies on one end and hazmat gas mask wearing rescuers(?) on the other.

If you're a fan of the brand, the featured complication, or larger dress watches, the IWC Portugieser Yacht Club Worldtimer has something for you. Of the three main criteria this watch satisfyingly fulfills, I personally appreciate the complication above the other two. That said, the recent releases from IWC have seen the brand sky-rocket in my own estimation. If the products continue in this fashion, with such great attention paid to the requirements of a modern and ever more discerning audience, and with all aspects of the brand's heritage handled so sensitively, I imagine an IWC Portugieser will find its way onto my wish-list soon. The IWC Portugieser Yacht Club Worldtimer watch is limited to 100 pieces in Rose Gold priced at ,200 and 500 in stainless steel with a price tag of ,400.

Eterna Super KonTiki Watches For 2015

Eterna Super KonTiki Watches For 2015

Carlos Rosillo: The first one was a very old pocket watch that my grandfather owned and that I was always admiring for its elegance and its simplicity. That piece woke up my passion for watches, and I was thrilled when I inherited it. Even today, it is one of my timepieces that I am very affectionate towards. It prompted me to eventually produce the Bell & Ross PW1 Minute Repeater pocket watch in Argentium, which is a durable form of sterling silver.

Furthermore, Apple Pay will allow making payments using the watch only, the PassBook app will automatically pull your boarding pass when you are near the airport, and the SPG app will allow you to check into your hotel and unlock your room's door, and Apple has partnered with Starwood Hotels for this – all using the watch's wireless connectivity.

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That dial issue aside, this really does look to be a rather stunning watch. Dark blue is the predominant color, with white showing up on the outer edges, and an anthracite grey used for the raised continents on the world map. Oh, and do not overlook the white luminant used on the handset and pips on the dial - a nice addition, if you ask me.

What follows here is a short report on this "dream" lifestyle from my experience at the Concours d'Elegance 2014 during that memorable weekend, as well as a first hand account of Veyron owners that I met and had a chance to talk to. Please note, however, that I am far from even being able to test drive a Veyron, let alone own one, so this is not a lifestyle I can really fathom, but over two days, while surreal, I was a part of it and will try to report about it from the perspective of Parmigiani and watch lovers alike.

What fascinates me is that both aspirational and seasoned watch consumers ask this very reasonable question on a daily basis. Is a luxury watch worth the money? Is a Rolex watch worth the money? Is a Patek Philippe watch worth the money? Is a Greubel Forsey or Richard Mille watch worth the money? I don't know if I can truly answer, but I may be at a slight advantage compared to some in attempting to explain why they might be priced so highly.

In person, the Jacob & Co. Billionaire watch is surprisingly approachable. While you may have a different opinion on its design, this is not an ugly item. In fact, in its own particular way, I find the Jacob & Co. Billionaire watch to be rather beautiful. The quality is excellent, and the stones are all impossibly clear and of a good color. Baguette-cut diamonds don't refract light like brilliant-cut ones, so looking at the Billionaire watch isn't a blinding ordeal of sparkles. Instead, the size and shape of the diamonds really allows you to appreciate the beauty of each. Its like wearing dozens of engagement ring stones for the world's most beautiful women all at the same time on your wrist. Part of the appeal of a timepiece like this is the accumulated meaning people ascertain from what it all means, and what else you could do with the sum of its parts.

Star Wars fans are excited about a slew of upcoming new movies such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming in December of 2015. Other new movies are in development stages, as Disney seeks to make the most out of the Star Wars universe after purchasing the entire universe from Lucas back in 2012.

The Caliber 3135 is one of Rolex’s most long-serving movements and was introduced nearly three decades ago in 1988. Apart from the Submariner, it also powered the Sea-Dweller, Yacht-Master, and certain Datejust models. It is Rolex’s most widely used caliber and is renown for its timekeeping and reliability. To get a better idea of what makes it tick, we observe a watchmaker take apart a 16610 Submariner and disassemble its Caliber 3135 movement.