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MB: Exactly. You have to realize one thing: shareholder value can be the biggest enemy of innovation. That is pretty apparent in most industries. The bigger your company is, the more revenue it generates, the more growth it needs to give to the shareholders – and the less risk you can take. If not, first of all the CEO will probably get fired; secondly the shear amount of overhead can tame even the hardiest creator. Could I take the risk of creating an HM4? No! I’ll need to create a trendy piece which will sell quickly in thousands of pieces. I really cannot create a piece while thinking ‘Oh damn, no one is ever going to buy this!’. And that’s why most creativity I see today in the watch industry comes from the smallest entities. It’s not that the big ones don’t have ideas or that they are smarter or not as smart as others – it’s just that the risk they are allowed to take is not the same as we can.

Tudor makes the Heritage Chrono water resistant to 150 meters and it has a sapphire crustal. The pushers and crown are all screw-down. Tudor lays on SuperLumiNova on the hands and hour markers thickly, but is able to retain that iconic 1970s look of the chronograph in this updated modern version of the classic. I personally like this color scheme more than the gray and orange, finding it to be more friendly and bright for the sporty endeavors Tudor has in mind. Tudor will ship each Heritage Chrono Blue with a steel bracelet as well as this three-color blue, orange, and white NATO-style strap. Price will be about 4,200 Swiss Francs. Founder Worries About The Fragility Of High Watch Prices Feature Articles

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"We must succeed in making a watch case so tight that our movements will be permanently guaranteed against damage caused by dust, perspiration, water, heat and cold. Only then will the perfect accuracy of the Rolex watch be secured " wrote Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf to his technical assistants early on in the development of the Rolex Oyster watch.

Protecting that blue dial you have a mineral crystal, surrounded by a uni-directional bezel. While I'm not a diver myself, I find these dive bezels pretty handy for simple timing in many day-to-day activities (I actually use them more than I do a chronograph complication, truth be told). Should you want to hit the water with the watch though, you're covered - the 48mm stainless steel case carries a 200 meter water resistance rating. While the strap situation would personally give me some pause, this is a great looking diver chronograph continuing the Scuba Fin styling and theme that we've been enjoying.

Sunburst Black or Silver with Arabic numerals and indexes.
White or green luminous material on numerals and ho ur markers.
Date display at three o'clock.

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For more information visit Ulysse Nardin's website.

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The dial is open-worked and surrounded by a chapter ring, which like the rear of the movement, is covered in sapphire crystal and allows an open and generous view into the wonderfully complex mechanism and the superb level of finish. Of interest are the beautifully finished minute repeater gongs, viewable from the back, which will be stunning to see working in real time.

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The Soprano is named as such because it sings. Christophe likes to outdo others, and with his minute repeaters, he frequently does. Minute repeaters after-all, are his specialty. The one in here plays the full Westminster Quarters notes. That is four notes as opposed to the typical two notes of many other minute repeaters. To do this, the watch employs four circular gongs hit by four hammers that are visible on the dial. The tone of the minute repeater in operation is loud and clear - especially on the all-titanium models. Also, Claret developed a silent inertia governor for the minute repeater. Translation: no humming noise while the repeater is in action. You can hear the minute repeater in action in the video above.

Design wise, the Omega Aqua Terra Chronograph GMT is pretty much what you'd expect from Omega. At launch in a few months, a few versions will be available including both gold and steel bracelets. At the high-end, there is a solid 18k red gold model, as well as a two-tone version with a steel case and 18k red gold bezel, crown, and pushers. Most will probably opt for the all polished steel models though. The case is water resistant to 150 meters, and of course it has a sapphire crystal. Dial construction is unique as Omega uses a plate on the face that offers the appearance of recessed subdials while adding depth and texture. Dial colors come in both a deep gray and off white and overall, the face is very legible.

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Add to that, the interior design, taking cues from a traditional gentleman’s club with its heavy wood paneling, plush comfortable chairs, bookshelves, various bits of memorabilia and a fully stocked bar, and it truly becomes an experience bound to be appreciated and approved by any Bremont fan.

Having started in 2006, it is difficult to determine how many total pieces the Molnar Fabry team have produced. Visit their website and you won't find available watches but rather a galley of already completed projects. The duo works with clients to produce custom made, highly decorated watches using a variety of base movements from simple ETA manually wound UNITAS calibers to complex Christophe Claret tourbillons. What I like is the sheer variety of what they do and their seeming abundance of talents. Their work displays complex engraving, creative texturing, fine polishing, and a clever use of materials. Usually custom watch makers who perform this type of work tend to be good at a small range of techniques. Molnar Fabry seems to be pretty good at making a lot of very different things.

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Necessary Data
>Brand: Helson
>Model: Shark Diver 40 grey
>Price: 9
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes.
>Friend we'd recommend it to first: Normal sized people who want a great dive watch.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Bezel is stiff and slick when under water.
>Best characteristic of watch: Helson style in a size and style for everyday.

LAST CHANCE: LGI Watch Collector Survey + Data Sharing

LAST CHANCE: LGI Watch Collector Survey + Data Sharing

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James Stacey: Why design a watch? Are you a fan of watches in general or was it just good fun given your ambassadorship with Jorg Gray?
Clint Dempsey: I’ve always been a fan of watches, they’re something I enjoy. There’s something about wearing a good watch that just makes you feel good. Time is such an important part of your day, you only get so many minutes and you can either let it be a hindrance or let it be a positive. I definitely like to look at the time you have in a positive way, and that’s why I enjoy watches.

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You can set the home-time by pulling the crown to position one (only position) and that will stop the seconds and move the minutes hand and gradually move the home-time disk as the minutes hand rotate around the dial.  Changing the hour hand to synchronize it with the home-time in a particular city is achieved with a pusher at 8 o'clock.  NOMOS includes a stainless steel pin tool to help you do so in the minimalistic black wooden box that comes with the watch.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Casio
>Model: G-Shock Aviation GW-A1000 (aka GWA1000-1A)
>Price: 0
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we'd recommend it to first:  A gadget watch lover who still wants the looks and feel of a totally analog watch (i.e. style conscious).
>Worst characteristic of watch:  No backlight and difficult to read thermometer.
>Best characteristic of watch: Excellent looking and well-built. It packs a lot of Casio G-Shock tech into a nice watch with only a few quirks.

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iPhone App Smart Enough To Read Watch Names

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The biggest enemy an iWatch would have is battery life. OLED screens self illuminate decreasing the need for as much backlighting power from the battery. Most experts agree that as of today, an iWatch would have to rely upon OLED (organic light emitting diodes) screens. That is not a bad thing though. With a bit more research OLED screens should have an extremely generous amount of screen resolution and beautiful detail. In fact, that future is pretty much here. LG just announced a full-sized 55 inch OLED television set. Priced at over ,000 at launch, the LG OLED TV is thinner than most LCD TVs and much more energy efficient. Rumors about the iWatch confirm that Apple would use an OLED screen. More specifically the rumors suggest that the iWatch would use a PMOLED (passive matrix OLED). This is much more simple and basic that the more advanced AMOLED (active matrix). However, use of a PMOLED screen might be in the best interest of battery life and legibility in what is rumored to be a 1.5 inch screen.

For less adventurous types, the standard Swatch New Gent collection comes in a more predictable assortment of colors, but the personality of the Random Ghost collection gives it a distinct appeal. Swatch's little tagline for the piece is "Take Your (Colorful) Chances," but we think there is no risk in not enjoying a watch like this. Price is .

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LAST CHANCE: Mark Carson Ka La Watch Giveaway

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It may seem like a no-brainer. Buy a watch on the Internet, save a few bucks, it shows up at your door in a few days and you’re good to go! Right? Well, in reality it’s not quite that simple or cut-and-dried. The decision to buy on-line versus in a retail location is one that should be carefully considered. Unless of course, you’re buying a commodity watch or don’t care about the little details.