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In March 2014, aBlogtoWatch gave away a Victorinox Swiss Army Officer's Day/Date Mechanical watch. The winner was Lee M. from San Francisco, CA... and this is his watch winner review of the timepiece.

Where are the current Johnnie Walker House locations? Two are in China located in Shanghai and in Beijing, and there is one located in Seoul, South Korea. I suppose it pays to be a Scotch Whisky lover in Asia these days. These lifestyle places to enjoy one's favorite spirits are high-class destinations for business people and those looking to become "cultured," because places like the Johnnie Walker House even have classes on how to appreciate Whisky.

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Chris C. from Dubai, UAE asks:

In the early 2000s, when Max Busser was heading the watch division at Harry Winston he instituted the Opus collection, where Harry Winston collaborated with high-end independent watch makers to produce amazingly complex limited edition men's watches. It was a bit out of character for a brand known for diamond-studded timepieces and other items of elegance. The Opus collection helped spawn some other interesting men's collections in the brand as well as the Histoire de Tourbillon–which I always called "Opus light" (though not "light" from a price perspective).

FPJ: Yes of course. I still have it - it is part of the personal collection of F.P.Journe. And even if I continue to create other innovative and precise mechanics, like the Chronomètre à Résonance or the Chronomètre Optimum, or new timepieces to come, my first tourbillon will always remain my first watch, and the Grande Sonnerie will always remain the Grande Sonnerie.

Japan is an important market for timepieces so Jeanrichard designed a dial that replicates the look of the very famous work by Katsushika Hokusai known as "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa." Often known simply as Hokusai's Great Wave, it is a masterful piece of artwork that almost everyone has seen before, and was created circa 1830 in Japan as a woodblock carving. While posters and prints abound, it is theorized the about 5,000 prints came off of the original woodblock carvings.

According to Aryta the fold-out knife strap buckle is available as an option on most any Artya timepiece. The steel buckle is actually quite nice and I would venture to say that the blade could have been even more covertly integrated into the design. The small blade has no serration or pointy tip to ensure that you don't hurt yourself on it.

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Speaking of the dial, that is where the "Handwerkskunst" comes into play. The dial is crafted from solid white gold and is treated to both tremblage and relief engraving decorations that create a beautifully textured dial that doesn't seem to overpower any other element of the watch. It is easy to go overboard on engraving but the Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Handwerkskunst incorporates this element in a reserved and classic manner.

All-black and delightfully "mean," the Breitling Super Avenger Military is a rare example of a 24 hour watch. In the United States we refer to 24-hour-format time as military time. That is because here, it is primarily the military that uses this format while civilians use a 12 hour format. We are partial to our AMs and PMs. Many who live or travel outside of the US know the the 24 hour format is used heavily all over the world for a range of purposes from television schedules to movie times. Having said that, if you want an analog watch (mechanical or otherwise) that indicates the time in a 24 hour format you have precious few options. Though, you are in luck if you want to wear a digital watch full time.

While the lume provided by gas light systems may not hold a candle to the initial brightness of paint-based applications (see Seiko divers), they glow consistently for years and their brightness is even, effective, and in no way distracting (a freshly charged Monster draws a lot of attention). For anything short of diving, or watches where the tubes might look out of place, this is a great way of providing low light legibility.

Geneva Seal: We are known for our extensive collection of Roger Dubuis, Breitling, and Bell & Ross timepieces. Breitling's tough and rugged style, with a sense of tailored elegance epitomizes Chicago. genevaseal.com

What’s The Deal With Big Watch Sizes? The Large Timepiece Explained

What’s The Deal With Big Watch Sizes? The Large Timepiece Explained

Each Augustus I watch will be made to order per the specific wishes of each customer. That is natural because there is no way for Lang & Heyne to make the watch without knowing the the 12 events and their dates. To that effect Lang & Heyne has claimed that they will produce perhaps three Augustus I watches each year. The concept of how the watch works is relatively simple, but explaining it is a challenge mostly because their press release reads like East German shortwave radio instructions.

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Tech Specs from Dodane

In addition to the perpetual calendar, the rear of the Handwerkskunst offers a view of not only the tourbillon and its patented stop-seconds mechanism, but also the beautifully decorated calibre L082.1 manufacture movement. A. Lange & Söhne is known for their movement finishing and the Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Handwerkskunst was spared no level of decoration with the wheel cocks and rotor receiving a fully hand-engraved finish.

With the introduction of the Leoncino (aka Little Lion), they've looked to the 1960s for inspiration, and have come up with a new case design for the line. From the images we've seen so far, this looks to be a fairly bold design, with rounded edges on the rectangular (42mm x 49mm) case. With the introduction of the new case, Magrette also took the opportunity to introduce a new design for both the crown and the buckle. While the crown isn't anything earth-shattering, I do rather like the details showing up in the buckle, which is a smaller component that's often overlooked.

Revised Weiss Standard Issue Field Watch Now Packs More US-Made Key Components Watch Releases

This very rare and historical reference was unknown until recently when it was rediscovered by scholars, and in particular through the research of Dino Zei, ex-chairman of Panerai SPA. This lot is presented by a descendant of Admiral Birindelli who probably received the watch when serving in the Italian Royal Naval Academy.

Clearly, my father was not a shining example of being on time, but he was pretty good, to be honest. What he was exemplary at was taking responsibility seriously. Owning a watch is like owning time. With it on your wrist, you have the ability to responsibly use it. He never seemed to take any responsibility lightly. It has made me feel something interesting as an adult - when I see someone without a watch I tend to think of them as being either irresponsible, or choosing to be in a sense of extreme leisure, even though the time is not important when you are on vacation or at home.

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Blancpain L-Evolution Chronographe Flyback Grande Date Watch With Lamborghini Aventador: Review

Blancpain L-Evolution Chronographe Flyback Grande Date Watch With Lamborghini Aventador: Review

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Knowing Francois-Paul I wouldn't have guessed him - as a serious watchmaker and classicist - to devote the type of time and effort he did into a timepiece collection for women. In fact the clever mechanism and design weren't the hardest part - it was the fact that for the sake of fashion he was pressured to release so many colors. Yes, for a man whose own taste and personal desires fuels the creative engine of a company, making these decisions can be difficult. Having said all that, I think that the Elegante collection is a resounding success. So much so that I'd love to see a version of the movement in a men's watch (though I doubt it will happen given Mr. Journe's strict dedication to all things mechanical for his own wrist).

4. Arnold & Son UTTE “Ultra-Thin Tourbillon” Watch Review

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Should I Buy A Watch Model When It First Comes Out?

Clerc just recently released a new version of their excellent entry-level Hydroscaph H1 chronometer diver (you can see our review here).  So what makes this model noteworthy?  Primarily, it's the bracelet, which is something we've not seen on the the line before.

Featuring their new ML230 manufacture calibre, Maurice Lacroix has given the Masterpiece Gravity an all-silicon assortment (balance staff, pallet lever, pallet staff, escapement wheel and escapement wheel pinion) and an alloy hairspring. Overall animation is excellent as the movement runs at 2.5 Hz and so much of the front view of the watch is dedicated to viewing the activity of the movement. Accuracy is ensured by ML testing the Gravity in five positions with a full 50 hour power reserve and then testing two positions again after 24 hours.

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