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Last year Hublot released the first watch with red ceramic - though they haven't followed up with any production models since. They did however prove it could be done. With Omega offering orange ceramic, the only remaining color to be successfully produced in a zirconium oxide (ceramic mostly used in watch making) is yellow. But that we can leave for another "World Premiere." Omega has been struggling to make orange ceramic a possibility for over five years now. In 2011 I recall speaking with top people at the brand who expressed how difficult it was. So until now, all Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean timepieces with orange bezels continued to use the older colored aluminum technology while models with black or blue bezels used ceramic.

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You knew we were going to suggest you spend more time with aBlogtoWatch - that is only natural. And frankly speaking, we are a good place to learn about watches of all types and price ranges - we also tend to list prices as much as possible. But by all means don't stop your search here. Different watch websites and forums have their own tastes and types of products they prefer to cover. aBlogtoWatch editors make it a habit to keep up with the "watch word" online, and if you have the time you should as well.

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Hublot Sponsors The Exosuit Diving Suit Wearable Submarine

Hublot Sponsors The Exosuit Diving Suit Wearable Submarine

As a TESTAF certified product, this watch adheres to a high standard set for pilot watches. It is really a combination of durability and legibility. You can see the TESTAF plane logo on the dial. Furthermore, the Sinn EMZ9 has the brand's "Ar" dehumidifying system that uses a small capsule in the case to absorb any present moisture. This is important because if water enters the case it can harm the movement and also fog up the dial, interfering with legibility. The capsule changes colors if it is too full of moisture and can be replaced by Sinn.

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The watch is indeed strange. Not that tanks themselves are particularly pretty, but they make a bold point when moving on treads toward you with a large gun. The SP-1 isn't inspired by modern tanks exactly, but early tanks known as landships. I believe some of these were used during WWI, and they looked more like armored wedges with smaller guns. I believe the idea was for them to serve more as armored troop transports rather than as mechanized attack vehicles (which they later evolved into). Anyhow, this early-take influence is good because the placement of a large gun turret on a timepiece would be awkward to say the least.

ABTW:  What drew you to this particular watch?

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Rounding out the other two registers you have the chronograph minutes over at 9 o'clock, and the 12-hour register appears at 3 o'clock. It's this layout that really shows you that this Bulova Precisionist Champlain watch is meant to be timing things. Everything that's on the Bulova Precisionist Champlain dial (well, aside from the date display) is dedicated to getting you the information from the chronograph. While this sort of purpose-driven design could have been boring, Bulova really did put together a nice design here.

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 152: The Steamless Steam Engine

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 152: The Steamless Steam Engine

An ever wider array of components in the Weiss Standard Issue Field Watch are now made in the US, or rather, in Los Angeles, California, to be exact. The list of US-made parts now includes all components of the 42 millimeter wide steel case, the dial, sapphire crystal, gaskets, spring bar tools, as well as the Cordura canvas and leather straps, and the white pine packaging. This unquestionably impressive achievement indicates the potential that is (and apparently was!) present in the region, which is even more surprising if we take the relatively moderate price point into consideration. As far as other major parts are concerned, the movement and the hands remain of Swiss origin – which is no surprise, given Switzerland's exceptional capabilities when it comes to mass-manufacturing highly reliable mechanical movements.

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With all those hands and only one button, you know the movement is worth a closer look. The DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon uses De Bethune's DB2039 hand-wound movement. Running at 5 Hz, the 2039 uses 49 jewels and a total of 410 pieces to incorporate a tourbillon with 30 seconds indication, as well as a silicon and white gold balance wheel, a silicon escape wheel, and a trio of column wheels to manage the chronograph (seriously cool stuff).

Eerune: The Omega Speedmaster was the first watch I worked on. Omega’s "Dark Side of the Moon" was a tribute to space exploration and going to the moon, and that was my main influence for “A Piece of Timepiece.” This year, IWC will release a new version of the Aquatimer. I really like the design and I am looking forward to the release of it. The nice clock figure yields a very noticeable representation of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and my project related to it should be ready fairly soon.

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"Profundo" translates from Spanish into "deep." While these watches aren't deep under water, the message here is that they can stay in water for apparently very long lengths of time and be perfectly OK to be removed from the bag and be put on your wrist. It helps that the bags are filled with distilled water. What I like is that the retail packaging totally sells the concept of the watch. Nothing is said on the front except the name of the brand and the slogan "engineered for water," which has clearly been adopted from IWC's slogan of "Engineered for Men."

As the story tells – and the picture above beautifully illustrates – the Rolex Submariner remained more of a tool watch than anything else during its first few decades of existence. Its initial 100 meter water resistance was quickly doubled by the company and as such its 660 feet / 200 meter depth rating, rotating bezel and durable (for the time, that is) construction made it a perfect device for divers. By contrast, while the more modern iterations of it have been improved in just about every aspect one can imagine, the Submariner has gradually left the depths of the oceans and started a new and successful career in business meetings, spending vastly more time hidden under cuffs than exposed over diving suits.

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YOU ARE INVITED: TAG Heuer Boutique Holiday Party In San Jose With aBlogtoWatch

YOU ARE INVITED: TAG Heuer Boutique Holiday Party In San Jose With aBlogtoWatch

The Reverso Chocolate is housed in the ultra-thin Grande Reverso case, the same as the original 2011 model and the Rouge from 2012.  It measures 46.8mm in length, 27.4mm in width, and has an overall thickness of 7.3mm.  For comparison, the Reverso Duoface Bleu from 2013 has a thickness of 9.1mm, but lacks the second dial display on the reverse side.  As noted above, the case material is solid pink gold, and the dial features gilt hour markers and baton hands.  The watch comes supplied with an alligator leather strap, as well as a burgundy colored cordovan strap by Casa Fagliano (pictured).

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LAST CHANCE: UNIQ P-47 Chronograph Watch Giveaway

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Fun, right? Absolutely. Do you have to pay for service, or worry about depreciation if you tire of the watch? No. What if you want to buy that ,000 white gold Daytona, but think it might be a tad on the small side? Well, try it, and see! Are you new to the world of Horology? Join the club, and get to know the brands and what you will ultimately choose to purchase. Or, you may find that watch rotations through Eleven James's offer you the perfect way to enjoy your new found interest.

This quite nicely offsets the vertically brushed finish of the 42mm case (11.3mm thick), and complements the polished finish that the crown carries. In practical terms, this takes what could have been a watch that was very much a "casual only" affair, and elevates it to pass muster in some dressier situations, if the need arises. And this is all with it paired to the simple leather strap. This was a pleasant surprise of the package, for sure.

Unfortunately, both watches were lost during the burglary in May.

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PSM: During my period in London's Piccadilly when I developed a restoration workshop for antique and vintage pocket and wrist watches.

Nomos is a small German brand that is hell-bent on doing things their own way. They have a unique style derived from the Deutscher Werkbund movement and Bauhaus aesthetic and, since their birth shortly after the fall of the Berlin wall, they have stuck to their principles and developed an identify for producing distinctive and well-made watches that rely on an almost entirely in-house manufacturing process.

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ABTW: Do you still have it? Or have you moved onto something else?
PR: Yes, I still have it to this day. Of course for me in this business there have been many grail watches!

Hublot Classic Fusion Ultra-Thin 42mm “Shiny Dial” Watches Hands-On

Hublot Classic Fusion Ultra-Thin 42mm “Shiny Dial” Watches Hands-On