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So what is this watch all about and why did Zenith feel the need to produce a watch that is almost 60mm wide? I thought the massively huge era of timepieces was on its way out, leaving room for just "nice big watches." Well it really has to do with the movement. I am typically immune from getting excited about brands that use rather ordinary vintage movements in new watches and try to make them seem exotic. Let me assure you that there is nothing exotic about most vintage NOS (new old stock) watch movements. Only a select few brands like Grieb & Bezinger for instance can really get me excited about old movements. However, in this case the movement Zenith used is an old-timer, but is actually something special.

Dottling will produce 20 pieces of each of these two limited edition Colosimo second generation winders. Price for each will be 15,555 Euros. The standard version of the second generation Colosimo three-watch winder will be 13,500 Euros (the original model now costs 10,800 Euros). While highly limited and pricey, items like this make watch winders more interesting to more people. More important is that news of these items further increases awareness of what watch winders even are.

Tissot T-Touch Classic Watch

Tissot T-Touch Classic Watch

IWC Ingenieur

The AC01 case design is pretty cool. It is mostly steel with some titanium and is 42mm wide (by 40mm tall). The cushion-style case shape and thickness allows it to look larger than it is. The long lugs move to wrap around your wrist for pretty excellent comfort. The wealth of screws on the lugs and on the dial/bezel make for a neo-industrial look.

Attention to detail in seemingly minor areas; it's one of the positives of fine watches.

Download the Mp3 here.

Baselworld Best: Timepieces To Watch In 2012

Baselworld Best: Timepieces To Watch In 2012

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You recently got a first look at the new BMW by Ball watch collection here on There you learned that Swiss Ball watches was to be a major timepiece making partner of the Bavarian Motor Works car company. The details were a bit scant but you learned what the pieces were going to look like as well as that there wold be four version to start - one of them a limited edition.

Baselworld Best: Timepieces To Watch In 2012 Shows & Events

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At first I didn’t like the look of the watch even though I liked the functionality. Then I started to play with the Pilot Doublematic and I put it on my wrist… at that point I was hooked. So many functions that are actually useful, great in-house made movement. And a price that feels appropriate.

Maurice Lacroix offers four versions of the Pontos S diver right off the bat. The highest-end version is the red-accented model which features a different movement. Why make one of the four models with a totally different movement? No idea. It is one of those mysteries that simply makes things interesting. Even Maurice Lacroix's US distributor isn't sure why that is. It is further possible that the red version will be limited in production.

Tech specs from Xetum:

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I sat with Daniel recently to check out some of his 2012 creations and styles. Maurice de Mauriac is more about custom creations than it is about buying off-the-shelf designs. If you recall in my past discussions of the brand, Maurice de Mauriac wants buying one of their watches to be a bit like playing with LEGOs.

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I firmly believe that using modern elephant ivory for anything these days is pure evil. Poaching in places such as Africa is a sin against nature, and should be prevented at all costs. The destruction of animal species on this planet for short-term profit should be much more a matter of international concern. If you see anything that isn't an antique and uses ivory, you'd be a good person to avoid it. I needed to get that off my chest as I simply hate it when animals suffer at the expense of human greed and economic desperation. Lang & Heyne however goes a much more ethical route by using the ivory from a long dead animal. Marco Lang from the brand affirms that in his opinion using modern elephant ivory is a bad thing.

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There are some areas that titanium is beaten by steels. For instance the stiffness, which denotes how much the material deflects under loads. Steel has higher stiffness, much higher. But I think in a watch case it is not an important property. Maybe, except for diving watches.

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Ceramic XV Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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In the video above you can turn up the sound all the way and listen to the minute repeater in action. Operated by the lever on the left side of the case, the minute repeater (as you know) plays the time back to you in audio via a little song done by hammers and gongs. The minute repeater in this watch is a full Westminster Carillon minute repeater with a lot of notes to play out the time. It sounds quite nice but with the design of the movement you don't really get to see the hammer hitting the gongs. Really not that big of a deal. On the dial side of the watch is the large exposed tourbillon with its free-sprung balance wheel. More and more I learn how tourbillons are just for show and not accuracy, but that doesn't change my opinion of how cool they look.

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Reactor needed to make sure legibility was good in the light or the dark. The hands are black and designed to contrast with the dial very well. They aren't too short either! Reactor uses their NeverDark (ND) system here which is basically a combination or traditional SuperLumiNova luminant and tritium gas tubes. Tubes are used in the hands and at four hour marker points, while luminant is used to coat the pits of the hands and the Arabic numeral hour markers. One detail different on the actual watch (that I reviewed) versus the one on Reactor's website is the helpful placement of a 24 hour scale on the flange ring. On the site they have one with a tachymeter scale for some strange reason.

It isn’t a wild concept watch or something you want to wear only when you feel like a weekend military pilot. This version of the Bell & Ross BR 126 is just a sexy daily wear that is a little bit retro, and a lot of bit sexy. Comes on a strap or new metal bracelet. Beautiful.

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