Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 Watch In Everose Gold With Black Ceramic Bezel For 2015

Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 Watch In Everose Gold With Black Ceramic Bezel For 2015

The first Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Grand Voyage was a showcase of Zenith’s watchmaking prowess coupled with its flair for the arts and craft, and the new Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Grand Voyage II is no different. Flip the watch around and owners will be greeted with a large sapphire display caseback and a breathtaking artwork that celebrates Christopher Columbus.

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Rado Hyperchrome XXL Court Collection 'Grass Court' Watch Hands-On Hands-On Rado Hyperchrome XXL Court Collection 'Grass Court' Watch Hands-On Hands-On

For 2015, Tudor has "reintroduced" the 25600TN & 25600TB Tudor Pelagos watch collection with both a blue-dialed version and a new movement. The big news from Tudor this year at Baselworld 2015 was the introduction of in-house made mechanical movements. Even though Tudor is owned by Rolex, its movements are produced and assembled entirely separately from those of Rolex. As of now, there are no plans for all Tudor watches to contain in-house versus sourced Swiss mechanical movements, but for 2015, the new Tudor North Flag as well as the Tudor Pelagos models receive the caliber MT5621 and MT5612 movements respectively.

The watch Alpina debuts its Swiss Horological Smartwatch line actually has two variations: one is a ladies' watch, the Alpina Reference AL-285BTD3C6B, which is a 39mm wide stainless steel watch, with 100 meters of water resistance (double that of the Frédérique Constant). The Alpina features the same AL-285 quartz movement and the same functionality, indicating that the technology can be fitted into a relatively small, 39mm case – which is very impressive. This Alpina model is available with a few different versions, depending on the diamond setting of the dial – we have seen versions that were more masculine with no diamonds, as well as one with diamond-set indices and bezel.

4. UTC ALARM: Alarm based on Universal Time Coordinates (UTC). This function is used by the Astronauts on missions, during their research, and during different experiments.

Over the years, Blancpain seemed to vacillate between making tourbillon and carrousel watches, and in 2013, Blancpain released the Villeret Carrousel Tourbillon which simply contained both mechanisms in the same movement (hands-on here). To make a long story short, I don't think that the carrousel beat the tourbillon as the preferred luxury complication of choice at Blancpain, but the brand continues to produce both - in limited numbers, at least when it comes to the carrousel. Movements such as the caliber 2322 are so interesting and collectible, in my opinion, because they act as a statement from the brand to a select number of dedicated movement lovers. I was actually quite surprised to see a revival of the 2322 movement in 2015 with the new and modern looking 2322V2.

Grand Seiko came out with this assortment of Magnetic Resistant watches around 2012. This includes two mechanical versions as well as three quartz versions, with the latter including a 500-piece limited edition, known as the Grand Seiko SBGX089. The collection also included the very visually similar Grand Seiko SBGR077 (off-white dial) and SBGR079 automatic models. Given that the watches are so visually similar, the automatic models have a date window, while the quartz models have no date window on the dial (which I personally prefer a little bit, given how it provides excellent dial symmetry). While these timepieces very much fit the conservative, dressy mold of most Grand Seiko watches, what appeals to me about the Magnetic Resistant collection is some of the sportier touches.

The HUB6016 is manually wound with 115 hours of power reserve (about 4.8 days, which Hublot rounds up to 5 days). There is a new style of power reserve indicator on the dial near 9 o'clock. It isn't meant to be the world's most covert power reserve indicator, but it uses a turning disc versus a hand. I do like it when a manually wound movement has a power reserve indicator, especially when they have a longer time in between winding periods. The movement operates at 3Hz (21.600 bph) and is produced from 175 parts.

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